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10/10/2017 18:07
The Autumn Internationals entertainment programme

Here is the latest info on our packed Autumn International rugby and live music programme:   Saturday 11th Nov.......Wales v Australia @ 5.15pm........followed by music from Four A.M @ 8pm      Saturday 18th Nov.......Wales v Georgia @ 2.30pm      Saturday 25th Nov.......Wales v New Zealand @ 5.15pm.....followed by music from Big Lick @ 8pm      Saturday 2nd Dec........Wales v South Africa @ 2.30pm......followed by music from No Direction @ 5pm                             &.....


YstradgynlaisRFC @ystradbluesrfc
14/10/2017 16:18:05
Pencoed 24 Ystradgynlais 22


YstradgynlaisRFC @ystradbluesrfc
11/10/2017 21:14:59
The entire Ystradgynlais squad last Saturday, all 20 had played junior and youth rugby for the club. Any other clubs able to say the same?


YstradgynlaisRFC @ystradbluesrfc
07/10/2017 15:57:44
Ystradgynlais 10 Resolven 17 @AllWalesSport


HST @hsthomas316
04/10/2017 21:28:40
If you were a professional rugby player and could sign for a European club outside of Wales where would you choose?
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